Meghan Weiss

How this adventure began

The story behind the hobby...

This is me! 

I am proud of me. 

I am proud of how far I have come. 

I am proud of my past, good and bad

I am proud to say I am selfishly excited for my future. 

I am a mom, daughter, entrepreneur, paramedic, self-help addict, artist, furniture painter, Interior designer, dreamer and all the other things! I wasn’t always these things and at times, I believed I was nothing. But now this is me! I have morphed and transformed myself into the women I want to be. And I want to be all these things! I set my own limitations! I make my own choices and I choose to be happy and successful in life. I choose to be authentically me for me! 

I invite you to follow along on this journey of becoming who I was meant to be. Please be social with me on Facebook and Instagram, because I would be thrilled if I could get to know you. 


Welcome to Rediscovered Rubbish & Designs!

I am blessed to have perused your way to my page. Here is a little background on my hobby adventure.

My husband and I began with a dream several years ago for a side business that would allow our creative minds to work together without becoming “hoarders”. We had a lovely home and had built and refurbished several pieces we cherished. But our minds were full of ideas ready to be brought to life, so we created Funky Junktique! What started small and Facebook sales only ventured into multiple Antique Mall booths, shows and custom projects. We enjoyed working together. After nearly 3 years my husband came to me and asked me to pull back on the reigns and slow our growing business down. He was overwhelmed and had hoped to grow his career. 

Being the self motivated individual I am, I was disgusted with the idea of slowing down something that was so inspiring to me. After much debate I began the process of becoming sole owner of our little business and rebranding. Giving him time to pursue his paths and me still pushing through towards my own goals. 

In June 2017 I obtained an over 500 square foot space and attended 4 shows. Goals were met and I was growing this little business. I was proud and passionate of what I was obtaining.  My husband was supporting me and cheering me on. 

In November I hit a road block. My once supportive husband had suddenly decided that our marriage was no longer what he wanted. My once happy space to create at home was taken from me. My extra time was taken up by a second job. My work schedule rearranged so I could make the transition smoother on my son. 

I was lost. 



And just trying to keep my world together. 

I pushed through the holidays and was determined in January 2018 to accomplish new goals for my business. I could make this all work! I just needed to find a new way. I was excited and motivated, but as February came close I found myself unmotivated and uninspired. How could something I once had an endless amount of passion for cause me such stress and drain? I again stepped back and refocused on myself. Poured myself in helping my mental and physical health. Time has gone by and I am proud to say that I am finally getting inspiration and motivation back. I realize I am in control of me. 

At the end of March I decided I needed to create a new look on my space. I launched a huge sale In hopes to clear out as much Inventory as possible to make room for new creations. In April I was made aware the lease on the space I was in was not going to be renewed. Initial stress and anxiety set in! But hold up! Wasn’t this what I wanted? A chance to give my space a new look? Perfect opportunity! A whole new space was right around the corner! Literally and figuratively! In May of 2018 I moved locations and began business planning for the future. I am more motivated than ever to make something of this little hobby business I am so very passionate about. 

And in December 2018 I simplified my business further, focusing on what was growing. I left the location I was at to focus on furniture painting and have 2019 packed full with amazing shows. I am more motivated than ever to make something of my little business I am so very passionate about. Follow along as I share my journey on creating an empire! My empire!

~ Meghan

Follow along as I share my journey on creating an empire! My empire!