A Thrifted Fall Centerpiece

Who else wants the high end look without emptying the wallet? It is a challenge when I try to create a look for crazy cheap. This time I was working on a centerpiece for my dining room table. I have a few “rules” for myself when it comes to center pieces. They have to be low. I need to see my family as I am talking with them. Some of the best conversations are around the table. I also try to keep it from taking up valuable food space. Yes! #givemeallthefood The smaller the piece the more room to bring the food to the table. Do you have any “rules”?

Here is what I did for this fall?

1️⃣ I had a wooden lazy susan in my “project” inventory. I painted it a custom green. 

2️⃣ I found a cornucopia basket at a thrift store and painted it a lighter custom green. 

3️⃣ I collected some stuffing from Hobby Lobby and my own stash. 

4️⃣ I collected other randoms from around the house to complete the look. 

5️⃣ I used a block of floral styrofoam and began just putting it together. 

What do you all think? 

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