Before & After; My Kitchen Makeover

Who doesn’t ️ LOVE a good before & after?

When I moved into the house I felt the kitchen was boring and lifeless. Yes it was bright, but I need personality.Here is what I did…

1️⃣ Removed upper cabinets on one wall and replaced with open shelving to display my Fiesta Ware.

2️⃣ Removed a lower cabinet and slid the refrigerator over to open the doorway. The fridge overlapped the doorway!

3️⃣ Removed small cabinet doors over the “tall” cabinets. I thought the wall of cabinet doors made it look so busy.

4️⃣ Painted the cabinets a soft grey. I love the white! I had originally planned on keeping them white, but as I started working on them they started speaking to me. Have you ever had a project speak to you? I know I can’t be the only crazy DIYer here.

5️⃣ Switched out the drawer pulls for sleek modern black to add contrast and pizazz.

6️⃣ Added trim about the cabinets. This was a bit of an ordeal, more on this another time.

7️⃣ New lighting that didn’t give me a headache. It still isn’t bright enough, but it was crazy budget friendly.

8️⃣ Updated the microwave! Thanks to my parents for this house warming gift! So many other bits of details, but I did the big scary thing that I thought wasn’t perfect enough to share. My kitchen is still probably one of my most favorite rooms, even though there is still so much I want to do.. So tell me… do you LOVE it or HATE it?

Drawer pulls replaced, new trim installed, simplified cabinets
Open shelving displaying Fiesta Ware
Updated Drawer Pull and Microwave Update
Removed lower cabinet

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