Creating & Installing a Vintage Plate Wall

I love plate walls! The vintage China and glass makes my heart pitter-patter! 

The stories that can be told by a brilliant and vibrant or chipped and crack china plate! What about the laughs, tears, celebrations and traditions? Who knows maybe they served to royalty or celebrities? We can only imagine!

I have created several in the past several homes I have had and this time I decided I was going to do it… you know film myself! I am no video producer or editor, but I am proud to say iMovie did me well. Oh I am also going to give you tips and tricks on how I create the wall.

  • The beauty of a collection type install is that you control what goes on it. Only choose plates that make your heart sing.
  • Think different sizes, but at the same time make sure you have balance.
  • Choose your hanging source. I love adhesive plate hangers and command strips. They don’t distract from the plate, but they can also get pricey depending on how large your wall is. I have affiliate links on my Facebook for my faves.
  • If you choose command strips, here is what I have learned. If they are heavy they don’t work, so pay attention to weight. Also the plates need to have a flat back or shallow. What I mean is only the strip adhered to the plate can be “hidden”. The strip that adheres to the wall must have enough “height”, compared to the plate, in order to stick and do its job. This same weight theory applies to adhesive plate hangers. They come in various sizes for weight. In the past I have had to cut the smallest down for tiny plates with deep backs.
  • If you are using adhesive type hangers, clean the backs of the plates with a de-greasing soap and dry thoroughly before applying them. Also allow them to “cure” at least 24 hours before installing them on the wall.
  • Measure the wall space and lay painters tape on flat surface mimicking the wall space. Here you will design and layout your wall. This will save you money if you are using command strips. Once you have it just the way you want it, take a picture of the design. What if something happens and you have to pick it up? Do you want to redo it? Pictures will save you time!
  • You are ready to hang! I always start in the middle and work my way out. Sometimes you have to improvise at the last minute and it is less work to change the outside plates. Trust me!
  • Lastly… If your walls are freshly painted, make sure they are cured before using commands strips. Command strips also adhere better when it is less humid. And if your walls have been painted for years, clean them and allow them to dry completely!
My FAVORITE plate. A family heirloom passed down 4 generations.
Get creative! Layer various sizes using E6000 glue or command strips. You can even use bowls! Layering, sizing and shape add visual interest.

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