Here are the rules of ART…

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can brake them like an artist”


Art is my is happy place. Art brings me out of a place of sorrow. Lifts me higher when I am already climbing. And brings peace and content whenever my anxiety is roaring.
I believe there are no rules in art. You create what you love. You say what brings you joy. So create! Create your art knowing its for you. It is not to make everyone happy, although most artists hope to spread joy. But here is the thing… you get to define your art and no one gets to degrade you for your art. You define it!

I paint furniture and resell. I breath new light into forgotten pieces. I love it! But I lost joy! I lost joy because I was creating to sell. I was allowing my business mind to cloud my creative mind. I stepped back and reminded myself that here I am creating the art for me! So I sat one night with wine with intentions to create art for me. Not only did I wing it, but I knew this piece was for me, by me and no one gets to give it worth except me.

As an artist I am reminding you…create art from the soul. Otherwise you just may lose joy and quite possibly a part of you.

Please take a moment and view the video I created while making MY art. I would love for you to follow me on all social media platforms. Be YOU and have a blessed day!

Creating art for myself

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