How I learned to overcome the OVERWHELM.

Do you ever feel like the world is passing you by? Days are racing by, the years always coming to an end.

I can feel overwhelmed and as if I am watching my life pass me by. Initially, I wasn’t able to process or find the root of this feeling. When I first discovered what it actually was, I immediately started hunting for the solution. I could have shut down everything extra in my life, but what good would it do for me if I took things that bring joy out of my life. I would only begin to hate my life. So what did I do?

I first learned to identify what was bringing me joy and what wasn’t. I began saying NO to the things that were not. This is a easy thing to say and a HARD to actually do! But I promise it gets easier as you implement it. It takes a step forward to start. Just take the step. Say NO once and the ball will be set in motion.

I also learned to STOP in any moment I felt overwhelmed and take everything in. In any moment I would stop and get in touch with all my senses. I would concentration on one thing, starring and embedding the image in my head. Then I feel it, literally feel it! It’s the grass brushing across my skin or the wind twisting my hair around my head. Then I smell it. What scents are whirling around me in this moment? Freshly baked bread or spring floral scents, whatever it may be, I take it in. Deep breaths in and slow breaths out.

Next taste it. In some cases this may be hard, but I believe that our sense of smell is directly related to taste. Have ever had a smell transport you to a memory. A memory of Christmas breakfast or vacation? I continually find myself tasting random things when I smell random scents in the air. I know…it sounds like I am crazy, but I promise this is a thing. This didn’t start happening until I learned to be present! So stop and taste your surroundings!

Lastly LISTEN! What sounds are around me? Am I in a park listening to my son play or the birds chirping? Laughter, tears or maybe complete silence. I just listen!

Now that all my senses are engaged I simply appreciate the moment. I am here. I am blessed. I am alive. Realizing this keeps me going. Keeps me grounded and appreciate the moment . To celebrate this moment I often take a picture and edit in a way to help me remember the moment.

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