How I became an Interior Designer?

And how I will share my passion with the world?

So how did I discover my love for decorating?  Well I think it was all in the genes. My mother is incredibly talented and always kept a tip-top home. Country Living, Martha Stewart and Better Homes & Gardens magazines were always on the table. And HgTV…let’s not get me started. The seed was planted very early in life and luckily I was given free range on my bedroom growing up. Posters, flowers, zebra print and Yellow paint have all been present on my walls! 

As I became an adult I have always helped family and friends with home decor or furniture painting. I painted my first piece of furniture at 15! Glossy black dresser! I have owned two homes with my first husband and had a long time home with my second. I moved into my duplex and made it 100% me and my son and celebrated the independence. Now here I am about to close on my first solo home- two more days! 

I have gotten the question time after time what will I do and how will I do it? How do I paint furniture? How do I paint cabinets? How do I make it all come together on a single moms budget? Guess what!?! It’s possible! Now that I have zero limitations (aka a landlord) I would love to show you all how it is going to happen. Teach you. Provide the help and resource so you too can be inspired and unafraid to reach for your dreams. If you would like more info on how you can become a founding member please message me! I will get you where you need to go! 

Have a blessed day! 

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