I love to travel! I love to make memories! I love to stop and soak in all in. I want to take it all home and enjoy it day after day. I also don’t want to be hoarder, although sometimes I appear to be.

Also while traveling I refuse to purchase all the little souvenir crap sold to you only to break or end up in a landfill. I mean how many t-shirts does one person need? Or how many snow globes do you want to dust?

Needless to say I have a clutter free solution that keeps you from spending a ton of money and reduces your dusting effort! For each adventure we take I stop, look around and think…

What makes this place special us? What will forever remind me of this memory? Or what is specific to our vacation spot that relates to something we did?  Maybe it’s a rock my child skipped or a pine cone we played toss with. A leaf full of color that made me smile. An admission ticket of the ride we took. It could be anything. I collect these small trinkets in a ziplock bag to bring it home.

Once home I purchase a shadow box, arrange the trinkets in a “collage-like” way. Glue! Hang! TA-DA! I have art to showcase memories made! Please watch my video that I did live on Facebook. I created a memory box and gave you the most helpful tips for you to create yours!

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